Thorough Stump Removal in Thame, Princes Risborough and the Surrounding Areas

After felling a tree, many tree surgeons will leave the stump to decay over time. While they may argue that this is the most natural method, it can take years for a stump to rot away. In the meantime, it often proves to be a real eyesore for homeowners and may get in the way of your landscaping plans. Furthermore, a rotting stump can grow fungi, which can be potentially hazardous for your garden.

At Altom Tree Care Ltd, whatever job we undertake in Thame, Princes Risborough and the surrounding areas, we see it through from start to finish. This means that we always carry out complete stump removals after felling a tree, for your convenience.

As a responsible company dedicated to preserving the natural environment, we prefer not to use poison or chemicals to deal with tree stumps. Instead, we can grub out loose stumps by hand and use grinding equipment for larger stumps.

Compared to other techniques, our tree surgeons find that using stump grinding machinery is the superior choice, for a number of reasons.

Some of these include:

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